I very rarely submit photographs to the local monthly music magazine Nightshift but the last couple of months I have had occasion to.

The first was for the Nightshift May edition  review of the Epstein gig and Amnesty fundraiser at The Bullingdon Cowley Road.  More photographs of which can be found here .  This is the photograph they used.  It wasn’t my first choice but I understood why it was chosen.  The best photos from the night were portrait and the editor couldn’t make the layout work with that shape.  It’s a shame that decisions have to be made like that but still, it isn’t a bad photo:

Epstein gig photo

The Epstein Nightshift gig review with photo by Guy Henstock

The June edition of Nightshift features a photo that I took at the Neverlnd Jacqueline du Pre gig.  Very pleased with this black and white photo, conditions on the night were very difficult so it was very pleasing to get such a good gig photograph :

Neverlnd gig photograph

Neverlnd Nightshift gig review with photo by Guy Henstock