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Chasing Daylight

6th July 2015 Band, Event, Music, Photography
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Chasing Daylight at Cowley Road Carnival 2015

I was hired to take some photos for a band playing at The Cowley Road Carnival yesterday. I…

Flo Fest 2015

22nd June 2015 Event, Music, Photography
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Saturday saw Florence Park, Oxford have it’s third Flo Fest.  I was there to take photos to add…

Osprey’s Pirate Soiree

30th May 2015 Music, Party
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Friday night at The Corridor. Another party to celebrate Osprey’s 50 years on the planet! Details here. More…

Balloon Ascents photo shoot

1st March 2015 Music, Photography
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While at Ospreys 50th. Birthday party I had the opportunity to take some photos of up and coming…

Oxford Music Promoter has 50th Birthday Party

1st March 2015 Music, Party, Photography
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Oxford live music promoter Mark ‘Osprey’ O’Brian had a surprise 50th birthday party at the weekend.  I have…