Although I have had an Instagram account for about 7 months, I have mostly ignored it.  That was until three weeks ago when I started to post all of my photos from my ‘Oxford at Night‘ photo project onto my Instagram account.  This has had an amazing effect on my Google rankings, taking me from the seventh page to the third for searches of Photographer Oxford.

This remarkable change in rankings may partly be due to receiving a Photo of The Day award three times this week from various self appointed Instagram reposting accounts.  These reposts do give more exposure and help to bring more people to your account so it probably isn’t worth getting to upset about people reposting your work and the copyright implications.  These were the photographs:


And the same photo was also posted by foto_blackwhite

Also this week I visited Witney for my friends new estate agent office opening party and did some night photography while I was there::

St Mary's Church, Witney

Canon EOS 5DS R (70mm, f/7.1, 20 sec, ISO100)

Witney Town Hall at Night

Canon EOS 5DS R (32mm, f/11, 25 sec, ISO100)

The Buttercross Witney taken at Night

Canon EOS 5DS R (70mm, f/6.3, 25 sec, ISO100)
The Buttercross

And finally, while I was there, I took some photos of the new Taylor Cox office:

Taylor Cox, Witney at Night

Canon EOS 5DS R (70mm, f/6.3, 30 sec, ISO50)

Taylor Cox - Witney at Night

Canon EOS 5DS R (57mm, f/5.6, 10 sec, ISO50)
Taylor Cox

You can find more of these photos in my Architecture album and on my Facebook Page